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Joshua Gatcke with a cafécito! Hello. My name is Joshua.

I help make life easier by solving problems using creative solutions.

Nice to meet you.

Some of my favorite problem solving tools:

Finding a Web Designer is Scary

Finding a good web designer is like looking for a good mechanic, hard to find, but well worth it once you do. It’s like any relationship in life – it starts with faith and builds trust as you go along. How do you know if you can trust me? You don’t. But I can tell you what I believe and you can decide if we’re a good match – no strings attached.

Things I Believe

What have I done? - by Joshua Gatcke Campellgarrett Design by Joshua Gatcke I Love Mérida Design by Joshua Gatcke
Latique Design by Joshua Gatcke LaunchCMS Design by Joshua Gatcke LaunchKidz Design by Joshua Gatcke
Listo Application Design by Joshua Gatcke Organica Logo Design by Joshua Gatcke Tianguis Mérida Design by Joshua Gatcke Design by Joshua Gatcke Villa Morocco Design by Joshua Gatcke

(I have a thousand more examples… ask me and I will show you)
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A little history

What people are saying…

“Joshua is part of a new generation
of bright, young developers who possess the triple-threat: technical prowess, marketing/communication smarts and design savvy.”

Rob Hunter,

“I consider him a valuable asset to PR To The Trade
My public relations business caters to high net worth individuals in the arts and it is always difficult to find a designer with an aesthetic sensibility as well as the tech know-how. Joshua not only rose to the occasion, he breathed fresh life into our project. I consider him a valuable asset to PR To The Trade.”

Regina Kolbe, President, PR "To The Trade"

“I would recommend Joshua to anyone
Execution of the project development was flawless, quick, and extremely organized. I hired Joshua to design and develop my website projects. When I hired Joshua, I didn't really know what to expect. Joshua completely blew me away from the get go … His excellent detail in planning before jumping into a project impressed me. Not only did Joshua plan well, but his execution of the project development was flawless, quick, and extremely organized. Communication between was/is excellent. As a client thousands of miles away, I have better communication than I would get from many people in my own city. I would recommend Joshua to anyone looking for a project to be completed with great excellence, on budget, and on time! Joshua truly cares about your business and shares your excitement. His primary goal is not just to knock out a design project, but he truly focuses on business workflow. He wants to make your business a success … and his extremely sharpened skills can make that happen for you. I am yet another completely pleased and happy client!”

Brian Groce,, Nuposh

“Please don't use him – we want to hog him for ourselves.
We like Josh! Over the last five or six years we have repeatedly contracted many successful design projects to Josh and he has done an outstanding job every time. He is a great guy and a fantastic designer who gets the job done with raves. Please don't use him – we want to hog him for ourselves. ”

President, Woman's Health, Wellness, & Rehab Inc.

Non-Technical Skills

Technical Skills

Interests & Things I love


About me

Joshua Gatcke & Tianguis Merida Joshua Gatcke at Starbucks in Mérida Yucatan Joshua Gatcke Drinking a Chai Latte

As you know, my name is Joshua. I think names are important. I am a 32 year old guy from Calgary, Alberta, Canada who one day got sick of the cold and moved to Mexico where I have been living ever since.

(Update: I have moved back to Calgary after 5 short Years in Mérida).

I have two wonderful children, Star and Caleb, and a really super cool 1982 VW Beetle. I like to keep things simple. I like LOVE people. My friends make a joke about me that I should run for mayor because I shake so many hands wherever we go.

I am on a continual search for the finer things in life such as; wisdom, patience, compassion, tolerance, and joy. I think that I must be learning something because I am finding some of these things more than I used too.

Caleb & Star Gatcke Star & Joshua Gatcke Joshua Gatcke at Mac USer Group in Mérida Mexico

I think the most valuable thing that I have learned in the last few years is that I am human and so is everyone else. I try to live life in the moment. I believe that everyone is doing the best they can with what they have – always. When I make a mistake I try to fix it, and I try to learn something from everyone and everything I encounter. Bottom line for me is that life is an amazing adventure and I get to do it every single day.

San Juan Arch in Merida Mexico - Calle 64a Star & Joshua Gatcke and Prince the Dog Joshua Gatcke's 1982 VW beetle (Vocho) in Mérida Yucatan Joshua Gatcke Drinking a Coke in Mérida Yucatan Caleb Gatcke making Pizza Joshua Gatcke looking cool and hardcore

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