Tue, December 9, 2014
Tuts+ HTML Kickstart Essentials

Tuts+ HTML Kickstart Essentials

Looking for a great introduction course on HTML KickStart? Tuts+ has a fantastic 34 lesson called HTML KickStart Essentials, 3.5 hour video walk through of HTML KickStart that will teach you everything you need to get up and running fast. This is a great course, and I would recommend it t…

Thu, December 4, 2014
Responsive Drop-in menu for HTML KickStart

Responsive Drop-in menu for HTML KickStart

I canceled the webinar and instead decided to give you a killer menu.

So... I am cancelling the webinar today. Why? Short answer, no one signed up. I decided to give you guys a menu instead. (link at the bottom)

Learning New things. 

I am always trying new things on 99lime.com, tryin…

Sat, November 29, 2014

Does Responsive Web Design Drive You Crazy Sometimes?

Does it?  

Well, it actually doesn't need to. It is pretty damn simply when you know what to do. Maybe you think I am exaggerating when I say this. But truth be told, I can teach you to get 100% control over your responsive layouts with less than 10 lines of CSS. Yep. I can teach you to t…

Mon, November 10, 2014

40 Tools for HTML5 Developers

HTML KickStart was included in this awesome list of 40 tools for HTML5 Developers on CodeCondo.


Thanks for the awesome shout out Alex! 

Wed, October 8, 2014

HTML KickStart Best CSS Frameworks of 2014

I am excited to announce that HTML KickStart has been included in two lists of best CSS frameworks of 2014!

See the lists here:Codecall.net: http://codecall.net/2014/01/13/best-html-css-frameworks-2014-for-web-designers/WebDesignCube.com: http://webdesigncube.com/2014/best-responsive-html…

Tue, April 16, 2013

Drupal Theme

HTML Kickstart For Drupal is an ultra–lean theme that utilizes the CSS and JS helper framework from Lime99. It is a responsive layout system with optional 12-grid columns. It utilizes vector Font Awesome Icons!

In the spirit of Mothership and modern standards a lot of the Drupal frontend…

Wed, March 6, 2013
HTML KickStart Updates: Font Awesome, Less Images & More

HTML KickStart Updates: Font Awesome, Less Images & More

Font Awesome has over 240 Icons

If you haven't noticed yet, glyph icon fonts are all the rage these days and I love them! Easy to style with CSS, easy to use, small in file size... the list of benifits goes on and on. Html KickStart has used a custom icon font pretty much since it was relea…

Wed, February 27, 2013
HTML KickStart on JSdeliver

HTML KickStart on JSdeliver

HTML KickStart is now on the free CDN JSDeliver. Thanks to @jsDeliver

A free super-fast CDN for developers and webmasters.Search for javascript libraries, jQuery plugins, fonts, CSS frameworks and anything else you might need.

Check it out. http://www.jsdelivr.com/#!99lime 

Mon, February 25, 2013

HTML KickStart for ImpressCMS

HTML KickStart for ImpressCMS. Created by Juan Calzado Juliá. Nice work Juan! check it out :) 

HTML KickStart Impress

Fri, February 8, 2013
HTML KickStart is Responsive

HTML KickStart is Responsive

HTML KickStart is now fully responsive. Featuring a Responsive and flexible grid (completely optional) with 4 breakpoints: desktop, tablet, tablet small, and phone. Go ahead and try it out at http://www.99lime.com and give your browser a resize. 

New Features:Responsive Grid .gridFlex…

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