Sat, November 29, 2014 Joshua Gatcke

Does Responsive Web Design Drive You Crazy Sometimes?

Does it?  

Well, it actually doesn't need to. It is pretty damn simply when you know what to do. Maybe you think I am exaggerating when I say this. But truth be told, I can teach you to get 100% control over your responsive layouts with less than 10 lines of CSS. Yep. I can teach you to take 90% of the work out of creating responsive websites.  That means you will be faster and more efficient as a designer, have far less maintenance, and make more money. Let’s be honest. No matter how good you are as a web designer (And people that use HTML kickstart do some bad ass designs). At the end of the day it is a speed game. The faster you make websites the more money you make.  

That’s why you need to master responsive design and how simple breakpoints can actually be.  

Do you agree with me on that? 


Keep in mind that I am not talking about building “ok” responsive website. I am talking about websites that will work in any browser on any device at any size.  Designers ask me all the time, how do I design for iPhone 6, the iPad, the newest phablet (or whatever, fill in the blank.). Blah blah blah. To hell with all that.  In reality, you only need to know one thing to build responsive websites for ALL devices: You need to understand and know how to use break points.  

And that is something I can teach you how to do in less than an hour. I have not only built 1000's of light, fast ultra-responsive websites I have streamlined the process of teaching and learning it so that YOU can become an expert. But here's the thing... 

I am taking my girlfriend to Las Vegas this weekend, going back to Canada in a few weeks to renew my Mexican Visa (long story) and I do not have the time to teach each of you individually. And to be blunt, I do not like to work more than four hours a days. To be at my creative best and make more money, I work LESS than most web designers, not more.... 


I am going to teach you a one–hour webinar on the topic where you can interact with me, ask questions, and see how I create repsonsive websites faster and easier than anyone else. It will be like looking over my shoulders while I am working. You will get the insiders view and save yourself hundreds of hours of learning. And because this will be a group webinar, I can keep the price reasonable for you. (Keep in mind I charge $250 hour for client work and web design).  

How This Works 

Register for the Master Breakpoints Webinar.
You will receive an email with a private invite to the event.  
Master Your BreakPoints.

Date: Thursday, December 4th, 2014 
Time: 6:00pm Central Time.
Presenter: Joshua Gatcke (Creator of HTML KickStart)
Place: Online (Link provided after registration)
Price: $50 USD
Register & secure your spot in the Webinar.

I've already sold a few spots and I haven't even sent out this email. Make sure you get yours. 

 (P.S. Don't miss out. Once the webinar is over it's over, you'll make your $50 bucks back in the first half hour of working on your next project... and every project after that.)

I can't wait to teach you guys this stuff!

Happy coding,
- Joshua

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