Sat, January 21, 2012 Joshua Gatcke

HTML KickStart Joins the World

Introducing HTML KickStart

HTML KickStart is an HTML + CSS + JS (jQuery) frontend framework/templates/skeleton to help web designers and developers create high–quality, clean, and lean templates and web designs faster. HTML KickStart comes loaded with a bunch of elements: slideshows, suckerfish style menus, css buttons, form styles, typography basics, and more, so that with a little customization you can create a full featured web site layout in a fraction of the time it normally takes to design, create, code, and debug common user interface elements. 

Fast & Clean HTML

HTML KickStart is dedicated to clean HTML. Add full featured, cross browser, standards compliant, accessable dropdown menus to your website by adding class="menu" to any unordered list with anchor tags inside it. Simple, fast, clean. No need to mess with the CSS or Javascript, it's already there for you. So you can focus on creating your layouts in HTML. All HTML KickStart Elements work the same way. Transform simple HTML into functional browser tested website elements by adding a simple CSS class to your elements.

Why HTML KickStart?

HTML KickStart was created out of my need to produce high quality websites faster. I was tired of creating the same CSS classes, writing the same HTML and Javascript, doing the same browser testing over and over and over for every website I was creating. My goal was to shave 10's of hours off of every website project I was doing while delivering the same quality and performance my clients had come to expect. Reduced Development time == more cash for me at the end of every project. But I couldn't have created this without the help of hundreds of other web designers and developers on the web. I have learned so much from this community and my goal was to share what I have learned and hopefully give something valuable back to this wonderful community that has given me so much. 

Continually Improving

I am continually working on HTML KickStart, removing anything I can, making things more efficient, removing complication, and making it even easier for designers to rapidly build website layouts. I use HTML KickStart every day for every single website I make and I have never been more productive. I hope that some of you find this as useful as I have. Thanks for checking it out.

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