Wed, March 6, 2013

HTML KickStart Updates: Font Awesome, Less Images & More

Font Awesome has over 240 Icons

If you haven't noticed yet, glyph icon fonts are all the rage these days and I love them! Easy to style with CSS, easy to use, small in file size... the list of benifits goes on and on. Html KickStart has used a custom icon font pretty much since it was released. As of Friday, I updated HTML KickStart to use the best icon font yet: Font Awesome!

If you haven't used Font Awesome before, your in-for a huge delight. This is  by far my favorite glyph font and I am excited that it is now part of HTML KickStart. 

A Leaner HTML KickStart

Each time I push an update, I optimize and refine everything I can, especially in the CSS and JS. This update comes with a bunch of optimizations and cleaner, smaller, tighter CSS. I have also removed a few of the images used in different places in HTML KickStart and replaced them with Icons from Font Awesome - making KickStart, well... even awesomer! 

New Website for

This update also included a new simpler website for - fully responsive and easier than ever. I am working on expanding the tools and resources I have for designers - so the new redesign is a huge first step in that direction. Expect some great new surprises in the very near future ;) If you haven't seen it yet - go ahead and take a look.

Bonus! A Slick FREE UI Kit PSD

I added a new surprise to the website for you guys: The 99Lime UI Kit PSD - Over 99 Ultra-slick User Interface Elements to use in your Photoshop Designs. Totally Free - go download it right now! I hope it saves you some time creating your next killer web design.

Say Hellooooooo

As always, say hi! Hit me up on Twitter or Email (I answer all my email) and let me know what you think. I love hearing from you guys and I value your feedback. It's the emails and messages that I get that inspire me and keep me motivated to do more! So don't be shy!

Happy Coding Amigos,

- Joshua

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