Thu, January 26, 2012 Joshua Gatcke

Iconic Icon Set

iconic icons

You may have noticed that HTML KickStart includes a few icons. The icons included with HTML KickStart are part of a larger set of well crafted icons called ICONIC ICONS. You can download the full set in multiple colors and formats from

Iconic is an open source icon set consisting of 171 marks in raster, vector and font formats...

An open source icon set that’s a lot more than just icons

Iconic aims to be the most forward-thinking icon set around based on its support of forward facing display/deployment methods. Icons should not just be clear and attractive, they should be easy and flexible to work with.

Lots of Colors

iconic icons

Iconic inludes a bunch of different pre–selected color options or if you don't like the predefined options Iconic Icons come in a large varaiety of file formats for easy editing. 

Well Crafted

iconic icons

Iconic Icons were created to be clear, clean and communicate. Hand crafted for quality. 

Have Fun

Thanks to P.J. Onori for this fantastic and extremely valuable resource.  Download Iconic today to use in your HTML KickStart layouts and designs. 

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