Mon, January 23, 2012 Joshua Gatcke

New Release: Version 0.9

Just finished a bunch of great updates to HTML KickStart. Very exciting :) Thanks for all the great feedback and bug finds coming in over the last few days. This was more or less a "Fix Bugs" and "Make it Lighter" update. Working my way to version 1.0! 

If you haven't done so already, Download the new Version! I know you will be glad you did. 


  • FIXED: Bug Firefox Fieldset
  • UPDATED: Menus - removed suckerfish plugin, complete rewrite. simpler styles, easier to customize.
  • FIXED: - z-index priority. 
  • REMOVED: Comfortaa Google font from blockquotes in kickstart.css
  • REMOVED: Comfortaa Google font from HTML KickStart
  • ADDED: HTMLshiv
  • UPDATED: Slideshow - removed slideshow BX-slider plugin. Lighter, more flexible. 
  • CHANGED: .sf-menu class to .menu
  • FIXED: a.button class. Now supports a.btn and a.button
  • ADDED: An offline version of the elements page to the download.
  • UPDATED: blank.html includes a couple HTML Examples and less custom styles from style.css
  • UPDATED: Concatenated JS Files - Now you only have to include kickstart.js and jquery. 
  • UPDATED: Changes to the organization of CSS & CSS Files
  • ADDED: a.lightbox class. Now you can make any link a lightbox just by adding the class. 
  • FIXED: Removed incorrect/missing @import for selectBox.css from kickstart.css
  • Various IE7 Touches. Nothing fancy

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