Wed, February 1, 2012 Joshua Gatcke

New Release: Version 0.91 Icons & Icons

I am excited to release HTML KickStart Version 0.91 Today! This release includes a lot of fixes and changes to HTML KickStart and a few features too, but the best part about this update is ICONS! HTML KickStart Version 0.91 includes over 140 ICONS/Glyphs. Icons from IcoMoon. These are more than just icons, it's a font! What does that mean? 

Unlimited Flexibility. 

No more creating icons in your favorite graphic editor (cough... photoshop.. cough). No more creating icons in different sizes. You can color your icons any color you want with CSS. You can change the size of your icons with just CSS. I can't tell you how excited I am about this. 

You want Icons Where? 

You can add icons to anything, anywhere you can add text! Go ahead and take a look at the elements page and try them out. I have configured some base colors and sizes for you, but there is nothing stopping you from making them however you want. All you have to do is copy a small snipplet of HTML into your web page wherever you want an icon to appear... boom! New icon! It's amazing. How about Icons in Menus, icons in Tabs, icons in Buttons. Yep, This release is about ICONS! Enjoy.

What Else is New in this Release?

Download HTML KickStart Version 0.91 right now and have fun!


  • FEATURE: Icons, Icons, & more Icons
  • FEATURE: New Notices with Dismiss Action
  • FEATURE: New Menu .divider class
  • FEATURE: Inline Icons
  • FEATURE: Inline <code> styles
  • FEATURE: New Helper Classes (see bottom of Elements Page)
  • REPLACED: Notice replaced graphic icons with Font Icons
  • REPLACED:  JS Syntax Highlighter with Google Prettify <pre>
  • OPTIMIZED: Slideshow
  • OPTIMIZED: Column Classes and JS 
  • CHANGED: Default Header Spacing
  • CHANGED: blank.html 
  • UPDATED: Elements/documentation
  • FIXED: Breadcrumb Bugs
  • FIXED: Slideshow Bugs
  • FIXED: A pile of IE 7 work in this release.. phew!
  • FIXED: Button display bugs
  • FIXED: Menu display bug in FF 10
  • ADDED: License (MIT) to Package
  • MORE: A bunch of other boring stuff... mostly tweeking browsers.

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