Mon, February 13, 2012 Joshua Gatcke

New Release: Version 0.92 New Features

I am excited to release a new version of HTML KickStart today, Version 0.92.
Lots of updates and some exciting new elements. 

New Elements & Features

  • Tooltips, Top, Right, Bottom, Left & w/HTML Content
  • New Button Styles & :active states
  • Button Bars
  • Video Placeholder
  • Map Placeholder
  • Calendar Placeholder
  • New Form Sizes & Layouts using column classes
  • New Fancy Select Menus, and Multiple Select Menus
  • Inline Form Fields are now the default and Vertical Form Layout Variation
  • Form Focus Styles
  • New Table Styles: plain, .striped, .tight, & all new .sortable Table
  • New Tab Styles

Download Version 0.92 Now and Explore the Elements


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