Fri, January 2, 2015 Joshua Gatcke

Upgraded Font Awesome

HTML KickStart now uses Font Awesome version 4.2.0! A lot of people have been asking for this upgrade. I was a little hessitant to upgrade because of the new CSS naming convention in Font Awesome (FA). The older version of FA used a nice verbose "icon-name" CSS class, I like that better. The new class is "fa fa-name" and I don't find this very human readable. However, the benifits of over 200 more new icons and keeping FA up-to-date far outweights the downside. 

You may have also noticed that I have removed the visual reference from the elements (documentation) page. The reason is that it's too hard to maintain that list. Instead, head over to the Font Awesome Cheatsheet to copy and paste your icons. 

Happy Coding,

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